Alexis and Frank | Virginia Beach Engagment Session | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

Alexis and I worked together back in 2012 when I was just a little old barista at Starbucks. She was my first work friend and honestly, at that time in my life I didn't”t know what that was like. All I knew is that this girl and I got along so well that our boss would purposely schedule us on opposite shifts so we wouldn’t spend our entire shift talking. Whoops.

I learned what having friends as an adult is like through Alexis and I will forever be grateful for the friendship and camaraderie that we shared while working at that Starbucks. With that being said, I was so excited to hear that Alexis was engaged and doubly excited that she asked me if I would do their engagement photos for them. They are the cutest couple, Frank is the nicest guy and I cannot wait to show you the images from their session. So here we go:

Alicia Cooper