Moving to Japan: The Preamble | Sasebo, Japan | Personal


If you’ve been following my photography journey for a while you may already know that my Husband Eric and I are relocating to Japan in March. It’s been an extremely long road and we are happy to be almost done! The journey here has not been easy, but its been an adventure. 

I initially was not going to share this journey because quite frankly, its been one of the most stressful times in my life, but I have changed my mind. I feel it will be helpful for others who are on this journey as well as freeing to let it all go. 

This first post is going to be about finding out about Japan. 

We were up for orders and I knew it. I had been anticipating the day we would be able to log on and choose where we could possibly be going for a year and a half. It was both exhilarating and scary. I was ready. Eric had put his career first his last round, and he told me this time we could put in somewhere I wanted to go as our first choice. 

We were dreaming of the West Coast. I had my sights set on Bremerton, Washington. It is a quaint little shipbuilding town nestled across the water from Seattle. It sounded perfect. A great combination of small town charm from my childhood and the city of coffee (who couldn’t want that?!?!). 

Our first round of picks? There were a total of 4 options. 4. Usually there are about 20 just to give you a comparison. 3 Were Japan. One was Lemoore, CA. Yuck. We passed. 

Second Round of Picks—A little more options. Lots of Japan. A few for Norfolk, VA, and one for Jacksonville, FL. We put in for Jacksonville and found out Eric wasn’t picked for it. Bummer. 

Third and final round. We knew this was our last chance, and if we didn’t get picked up for something we would become needs of the Navy, where they get to tell you where you are going with no other option. There were so many Washington and VA orders this time. We put in for our top 5 and waiting anxiously to find out. 

Two days before we were actually supposed to find out, Eric got a call that we got orders. It was for the West Coast, but it was wayyyy farther west then we could have imagined. We were going to Sasebo, Japan. 

See even when you qualify for a job and seem like a great candidate, if there is a sailor that is slightly more qualified they get the job. So while we made many selections and Eric has a shining service record, we still ended up needs of the Navy, and going to Japan. Call it bad luck, but I believe that God has a much greater plan then we can see. And boy have I found that out. He worked through every step of the way, even through our next post, which I will call denial. 

I hope you are excited to get this glimpse into what the process of moving to Japan is like! I know I am so excited to share it with you. Until then, you can view my previous blog post here, or go back to the home page here.